How can I contact Retropilot?

Either use the Contact Page, or email direct to james@retro-pilot.com 

Send a message through the Retropilot Facebook page.

Mail to:




Your best bet is to send me an email or message on Facebook - I'm terrible at returning phone calls!


All orders are shipped from Brisbane, Australia. These delivery times are guides only, and cannot be guaranteed. 

Shipping within Australia -

Regular Post - 3 - 5 business days.

Express Post - 1- 3 business days.

Shipping outside of Australia -

Estimated shipping times will be annotated on checkout - however they cannot be guaranteed.

Expect 2 - 3 weeks for tracked international post.

Expect 3 - 5 weeks for untracked international post.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

If your country is permitted during checkout then stickers can be shipped there!

If your country isn't coming up as available for shipping, send me a message and I'll see what I can do.

All import taxes and import duty fees will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please note that if you decline to pay these fees then the courier will return your parcel to Australia. In this case, you will be refunded the cost of the stickers but not the shipping fee.

At a glance:

For the USA and NZ - you shouldn't expect to pay any import taxes or duties.

For Canada - you can expect import fees for orders over $20 CAD.

For Europe - each country has their own set of rules, but you can generally expect to pay some kind of import fee. This will likely be requested of you when your parcel is delivered, and it will be your responsibility to pay these fees.

Within Australia

Regular - $3.50 (AUD). No tracking.

Express - $12 (AUD). Tracking available.

International (Outside of Australia). Tracked, 2 - 3 weeks.

North America - $15 (AUD) per shipment. (Approx $11.60 USD)

NZ - $12 (AUD) per shipment. (Approx $13 NZD)

Europe - $22 (AUD) per shipment. (Approx 14 Euro)

Asia - $15 (AUD) per shipment. (Approx $11.60 USD)

All stickers are shipped in a protective plastic sleeve, entombed within a thin but sturdy black cardboard box (15cm x 15cm x 1.6cm) to prevent bending and damage.

They will arrive in great condition!

Expect your pre-order stickers to ship approximately two weeks after the crowdfunding end date.

If you ordered existing stickers (already in stock) with this pre-order pack, all stickers will arrive in one bundle.

Within Australia -Only when Express Post is selected.

Outside of Australia- Yes, when a tracked shipping option is selected.


All stickers are made from a very thick vinyl material for maximum durability. They have a matte finish (apart from any special effect stickers (e.g. holographic or mirror finish) which have a gloss finish).

This is a difficult to question to answer! It really depends on where you put them and how you treat them. In all cases - for best results, apply on a flat, smooth surface free from dust and dirt.

If you're putting them on a low impact indoor surface (e.g. a laptop or fridge) you can probably expect them to be uncovered by future archeologists - they will last forever.

If you're putting them outdoors, it depends on how often they are exposed to sunlight and the elements. If placed in full sun on a daily basis you can expect your stickers to resist fading for 3 - 5 years (this is very good - most budget paper stickers wouldn't last more than a few months outdoors).

Their longevity also depends on the amount of 'use' they will be exposed to. Avoid placing your sticker where it is likely to encounter abrasion or friction (e.g. the underside of a surfboard being dragged across the sand) as this will obviously reduce the life of your sticker. They're very strong - but they're not invincible!

Yep! Get them as wet as you like. They'll even withstand going through a dishwasher.

All stickers have a matte finish, with the exception of stickers with a "special effect" (e.g. mirror or holographic) which have a gloss finish.


Left in the sun, everything fades over time. However, your stickers will be the longest lasting stickers you'll ever own.

If placed in full sun on a daily basis you can expect your stickers to resist fading for 3 - 5 years (this is very good - most budget paper stickers wouldn't last more than a few months outdoors).

The stickers are initially printed in the USA.

The stock is then shipped to Australia and posted out from Brisbane.

Unfortunately I'm not taking on any new work at this time, but you can certainly let me know your idea.

Posters are sold as digital downloads - you can find them here.