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    How can I contact RETROPILOT?

    Email direct to 

    You'll always get a response within 24 hours, but probably much sooner.

    Send a message through the Retropilot Facebook page.

    Mail to:


    PO BOX 55



    Within Australia

    Regular - $4.00 (AUD). No tracking. Your sticker box will be shipped with custom Retropilot stamps.

    Express - $12 (AUD). Tracking available.

    USA and New Zealand

    $10 AUD (approx $7 USD).

    This is a tracked service.

    International (Everywhere else)

    $15 AUD (approx $11 USD).

    This is a tracked service.

    If the checkout system accepts your country - I'll ship there!

    At a glance, I can easily ship to Australia, Canada, United States, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore and most of Europe.

    If your country isn't coming up as available for shipping, send me a message and I'll see what I can do!

    All stickers in the store are 'in stock' - you won't have to wait for stock to arrive. Under most circumstances, your order should ship the next business day.

    If you ordered during an 'initial release' (e.g. when there have been hundreds of orders in a short period of time) it may take me a little longer, but I'll always ship them as soon as I can.

    In all cases, you will receive a shipping confirmation email once your order is on its way.

    All orders are shipped from Brisbane, Australia. These delivery times are guides only and cannot be guaranteed. COVID has really messed up the global shipping system, so your patience is appreciated (I totally agree that it's frustrating!).

    Shipping within Australia -

    Regular Post ~ 5 business days.

    Express Post ~ 1 - 3 business days.

    Shipping outside of Australia -

    Expect 2 - 4 weeks for tracked international post. The timeline for international parcels is harder to predict, so be sure to follow along on your tracking link.

    Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about your order.

    Unfortunately not - all orders must be shipped.

    Within Australia -Only when Express Post is selected.

    Outside of Australia- Yes. Your tracking number will be included in your Shipping Confirmation email.

    For customers in the USA and New Zealand - the following won't apply to you. Your countries don't charge import fees.

    For customers in Canada, Europe, the UK and the rest of the world:

    You may have more to pay when the parcel arrives (import and duties fees), and it will be your responsibility to pay these additional fees.

    Please note that your parcel will be returned to Australia if you decline to pay these fees on arrival. In this case, you may be refunded the cost of the stickers but not the shipping fee.

    Canada - you can expect import fees for orders over $20 CAD.

    Europe/UK/Everywhere else - there may be import fees, but they are different for each country. I'd encourage you to check prior to ordering. Search for "[Your country] import duties and taxes" to find this information.

    All stickers are shipped in a thin but sturdy black cardboard box (18cm x 13cm x 1.6cm). Retropilot shipping boxes are custom designed to prevent bending and damage to your stickers. The shipping boxes are thin enough to easily fit in most conventional letterboxes.

    Within the box, the stickers are packaged within a protective plastic sleeve which will help protect them if the box gets wet (e.g. rain during delivery).


    All stickers are made from a durable vinyl material. They have an attractive gloss finish.

    Retropilot stickers are printed using an old-school method called Silk-Screen Printing.

    Silk-Screen stickers are your best option if you prefer a higher caliber, higher quality, more durable and longer lasting sticker. 

    Yep! Get them as wet as you like. They'll even withstand going through a dishwasher.


    Outdoors - 3-5 years.

    Indoors - Forever.

    Retropilot stickers really stick. They are all water-proof and weather-proof. When applied properly to a dry, smooth and clean surface, Retropilot stickers will tolerate brutal ocean waters, sun, sleet and snow. If you choose to put them on an indoor surface (e.g. a laptop or toolbox), they will likely be uncovered by the archeologists of the future.

    If you're putting them outdoors, it depends on how often they are exposed to sunlight. If placed in full sun on a daily basis you can expect your stickers to resist fading for 3 - 5 years (this is very good - most budget paper stickers wouldn't last more than a few months outdoors).

    Their longevity also depends on the amount of 'use' they will be exposed to. Avoid placing your sticker where it is likely to encounter abrasion or friction (e.g. the underside of a surfboard being dragged across the sand) as this will obviously reduce the life of your sticker. They're very durable - but they're not invincible!

    Your stickers will be printed with extremely high calibre inks and are sealed with 3 thick coats of clear UV protective ink. That said, there is one undeniable truth when it comes to colour and direct sunlight exposure over long periods of time: colours fade.

    Retropilot stickers are very fade resistant. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect your stickers to resist fading for 3-5 years.

    The technical term is Photo Degradation. Some objects may be more prone to fading, such as dyed fabrics and watercolours. Other objects, like outdoor silk-screen printed stickers, reflect the light more which makes them less prone to fading. But over time and with direct exposure to ultraviolet light, eventually all colours fade. This is true for cars, space shuttles and stickers too.

    Some colours fade faster than others. Yellow tends to be the first colour to fade, followed by magenta, then cyan and although it will take a very long time, finally black.

    For best results and maximum adhesion, ensure your sticking surface is:

    - Dry (just for when you place the sticker - they can get wet afterwards!)

    - Smooth (textured surfaces will reduce the adhesive power)

    - Clean (wipe the surface and remove any dust or other contaminants)

    There are some surfaces that won't work well. These include:

    - Textured plastics

    - Ceramics

    - Oily or dusty surfaces

    - Some painted surfaces

    - Other surfaces that wouldn't typically host a sticker (e.g. fabrics, timber etc).

    All stickers have an attractive gloss finish. The gloss finish allows the colours to really "pop", and you'll find them to be much more vibrant than matte stickers. They look fantastic!

    There is a bit of a trick to it - click here for more.


    The stickers are initially printed in California.

    The stock is then shipped to Australia and posted out from Brisbane.

    Unfortunately I'm not taking on any new work at this time, but you can certainly let me know your idea.

    Posters are now available as digital downloads - you can find them here.