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Price List

All frames are made of real timber. You can choose to leave the timber in a natural finish, or have it painted black or white. All prices are the same regardless of the selected finish.

Framed and ready to hang pricing:

60 x 40cm - $250.00

90 x 60cm - $450.00

120 x 80cm - $700.00

Orders over 10 prints are eligible for a bulk order discount.

What kind of prints do you offer?

All prints arrive framed.

Don safety glasses when unboxing because the image will be sharp - real sharp - in fact, the team that creates these prints also do work for the National Gallery of Victoria, that’s the level of craftsmanship we’re talkin' about. The frames are made from beautiful real timber (Victorian Ash, for the timber enthusiasts in the audience) - milled, sanded and painted by hand by a team of hipster framing professionals in Melbourne.

No sorry! All prints are printed on archival paper, then preserved under museum quality Plexiglass and framed using real timber.


Yes! I can do this very easily, and will do this free of charge. 

All the text in all designs is 100% customisable. 

If you would like to customise the text on a design send me a quick message before purchasing and I will send you a Proof before proceeding to print. 


Unfortunately I'm not taking on any new work at this time.