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Air Traffic Control - Parafield Airport (YPPF)

  • No Boring Walls

    So, what’s your plan for that empty wall? You know the one - that plain off-white rectangle with a whole lot of nothing going on. You’ve been putting it off since you moved in because you’re not quite sure where to buy art, and the thought of hanging a generic print from the Home section of Kmart keeps you up at a night.

    Stop delaying - let's take action!

    Retropilot offers unique aviation-themed artwork that is specifically designed to fill that white void of yours. All our designs are crisp, unique and eye-catching - they look fantastic as feature prints, and they quickly become a talking point wherever they are displayed. Designed and made in Australia, you’re investing in premium quality artwork that will take centre-stage when guests are over.

    Canvas Prints

    Canvas is our material of choice. It’s modern, budget-friendly, and pops off the wall. Your print is built to last and won’t fade, warp or stretch over time. Choose "No Frame" for a full canvas wrap-around (where the image wraps around the edges of the print - trés chic) or, for a seriously deluxe finish that will impress your Mum, go for the floating frame option in Timber or Black. All canvas prints will arrive ready to hang on your wall. 


    All our designs are created digitally, which means we are flexible with what we can do for you.

    We will gladly help you with:

    + Customising the text on existing designs

    + Adding patches, crests, brevets and other logos to existing designs

    + Changing or customising colours on existing designs

    + Creating personalised Presentos using any of our prints

    We will make the above customisations at no additional cost. If you would like to customise your print, please contact us before purchasing.

  • Our prints come in the following sizes in Canvas:

    45 x 30cm

    75 x 50cm

    90 x 60cm

    120 x 80cm

    135 x 90cm

    180 x 120cm

    200 x 135cm

    Getting your print size right is almost as important as the design itself. Retropilot isn't disposable Kmart artwork - your print will be a centre-piece for many years to come, so it's important that you pick your size based on what will look fantastic, rather than what will save you a few dollars in the short term.

    We have written an in-depth guide about picking the right size artwork for your space which contains handy rules of thumb to help you decide - click here to read it.

  • Materials

    Our canvas material is Polyester based, which does not sag or fade over time. You can clean the canvas by dusting it lightly, but avoid wiping the canvas with anything damp as this could damage your print. 

    All our frames are made from a highly compressed foam board (the industry standard). It is almost impossible to tell that our timber-look frame isn’t actual timber and the black frame is matte and sleek. You'll love either, we guarantee it.


    Our products have the following weights:

    Wrap Around Canvas (No Frame)

    45 x 30 - 0.63kg

    75 x 50 - 1.11kg

    90 x 60 - 1.36kg

    120 x 80 - 1.91kg

    180 x 120 - 3.2kg

    200 x 135 - 3.75kg

    Framed Canvas

    45 x 30 - 1.52kg

    75 x 50 - 2.5kg

    90 x 60 - 2.99kg

    120 x 80 - 4.03kg

    180 x 120 - 6.32kg

    200 x 135 - 7.23kg


  • Shipping is free within Australia. International shipping is not routinely available for our prints. Please contact us for a quote. 

    Canvases will normally ship within 10 business days. If you are ordering in the Christmas and New Year period (01 Dec - 10 Jan), check our FAQ prior to ordering to confirm our holiday period Shipping schedule.

    Your artwork will arrive extremely well packaged and won't be damaged during transit.